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    About Images by Eduardo

    Self-portrait of Eduardo Suastegui, Los Angeles Wedding photographer With story-telling that incorporates a strong emotional component, I launched Images by Eduardo to seek and capture the heart and spirit in each image. I started this journey with an exploration of fine art photography, but it wasn’t until I turned my camera’s focus on people, their struggles, emotions and interactions that I gained an appreciation for the true power of photography. With their unique ability to freeze instants of time, causing us to pause and dwell on a persistent image, well-crafted photographs portray moments of human emotion like no other medium I know.

    And if photography is about capturing compelling moments, I know of no better occasion or subject that delivers such experiences as reliably, relentlessly and powerfully as a wedding. This, and the privilege of joining a couple on such a hallmark day of their lives is why I love photographing weddings.

    About my style and approach

    I believe that genuine moments filled with joy and emotion cannot be designed, forced or staged. I believe that as a photographer I must bring the skill and tools necessary to be ready when those moments materialize before me. Above all, I must bring my own heart and sensitivity to these never-to-be-repeated instants in time so that I can anticipate and sense when they are about to happen.

    For this reason I endeavor to make personal connections with whom or what I photograph. I strive to build relationships with my clients where I get to know them, and they reach a point where they trust me enough to share themselves through my camera. With the openness and personal relationships that result I will capture photographs with both insight and caring.

    Where I serve

    I serve the Los Angeles, CA area, in the cities of Downey and Whittier with my wedding, event and portrait photography. I look forward to joining you as you love, celebrate and tell your story through my photography.

    Feel free to review my wedding photography and see what I have to say about story-telling wedding photography.