• A 911 memorial collage

    This week I visited the 911 memorial. This photo collage is my attempt to capture a glimpse of thethe weight this memorial represents.

    911 memorial

  • Colosseum and Ancient Rome

    Gotta run, so not much of an intro. Here are some photos from the Roman Colosseum and surrounding Ancient Rome area. I pasted it in here as a single large panel, so you may have to wait a bit while it downloads.


  • Droid and VSCOCam shoot Rome

    On my last day in Rome, I left my DSLR in the hotel and went off with my cellphone and VSCOCam by VSCO. Typically, I’m very leery of leaving my DSLR behind, but due to a misunderstanding of photo-taking inside the Vatican, I decided to not bother with the bigger camera and take out the phone for the few times when photo-taking was allowed. Well, I had more of an opportunity to take pictures than I anticipated (only the Sistine Chapel is off limits, because, get this, the renovators have exclusive rights to taking pictures in there). Anyway, with VSCOCam for my Droid phone, I managed to get a few nice pics. Here’s a sampling:

    Processed with VSCOcam

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  • Careful how you frame it!

    How you frame a photo, the choices you make in what to include and exclude, can make all the difference. This photo pair shows a simple example of the impact the photographer’s approach can have.

    Frame your subject to include only elements that help portray her like you want

    Which of these strikes you as the better picture? Neither is perfect, but I’m betting your first reaction — the one that comes without over-thinking it too much — will be to prefer the one on the right. Why? Well, first, there’s the rule of thirds thingy. While I’ve learned one shouldn’t overrely on the “rule” to make a shot work, this is a perfect example where following the guideline makes a big difference to improve the photo.

    Second, notice how the eye goes to that little crowd on the right, which gives us another great example of how framing can change the reality of a photo. In this scene there were actually quite a few people around, but in the second shot, you’d think only the photographer and his subject were there, wouldn’t you? And that’s what you want here. Her and her alone.

    Finally, the way I framed the second photo makes better use of the lines in the masonry facade on the left. They point the viewer toward the subject. All of this was mine with a simple step to the right and one step up to come a tad closer.

    There’s one additional choice not related to framing at play here, namely, the use of a large aperture (f/2.8) to achieve further subject isolation. She’s sharp, while the background blurs away, bringing the eye back to her, the one element in sharp focus. Again, we’re aiming for a result that pulls the eye to our subject as the unequivocal primary focus of our shot.

    One more shot, nice, but not as effective in its decentering of the subject which barely works (don’t just place a person on the thirds line because someone said it in some book!) thanks to the offsetting brick work detail:


    Here are a couple more shots of this favorite subject of mine. What works and what doesn’t? Do you see some things that better framing could have cured?


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  • Blessing Pastor Bill Ankerberg

    This weekend, WACC came together to honor how God has blessed and built up our church through Pastor Bill’s service over the past 18 years. Pastor Bill requested lots of great music and worship that honored God, and he sure got his wish. I hope the following sampling of photos provides a glimpse of our celebration of his transformative ministry in Whittier and abroad. We love you, Bill!


    View the full gallery…

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  • Christmas Eve @WACC photos

    This year the WACC Christmas Eve services proved every bit as meaningful and inspiring as in past years, with a few surprises and guest appearances that kept us engaged and encouraged us to reflect on the hope we have and why we profess it. I was fortunate enough to be attend two of these services. Below is a sampling of photos. You may view the full gallery here…

    Christmas Eve @WACC, selected photos

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