• Take the D600 vs. D700 detail challenge

    See if you can tell the difference in detail between the Nikon D700 and the higher resolution D600 with these macros captured with the Nikkor 105 VR. For each of the following sets of photos and their crops, comment here with which of these (left or right) you think was captured with the 24MP D600 and the 12MP D700. In a few days, I’ll post which is which.

    Set 1: D600 vs. D700 detail

    Set 2: D600 vs. D700 detail

    Set 3: D600 vs. D700 detail

    Results: Thanks to all who took a look and tried their best to come up with the answers. Here they are:
    Set 1 – D700 left
    Set 2 – D600 left
    Set 3 – D700 left

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