• D600 and D700 go red hot

    I’m in the process of comparing my D600 and D700 cameras, and today I’ll share some early results for color response, in particular for reds. This is important to me since in a lot of my jobs I shoot with two or more bodies, and I don’t want to spend a lot of effort matching the color in post-processing. In the past, I struggled with color-matching with cameras like the D7000, especially when reds are involved. It looks like the D600 will be very nice in this regard.

    Some details: all shots were taken with the same lens (55mm f2.8 AI-S micro). I processed all these photos in Lightroom 4, normalizing to the same white balance, and using the same VSCO preset (Fuji 160C 2N).

    You can click on the images panel to get larger versions of these photos.

    Poinsettias with the D600 and D700

    Poinsettias with the D600 and D700, photographed with the Nikkor 55mm f2.8 AI-S micro

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