• Is the Canon G1X a Sure-thing-shot?

    I’ve been waiting for a decent compact for some time. I would have preferred something full frame, but the Canon G1X seems to give me what I used to have back when I owned a 35mm film Canon Sureshot — and perhaps much more.

    Images by Eduardo Suastegui, Los Angeles wedding and fine art photographer
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    The ISO 1600 shots seem very serviceable, though I’m betting a lot of NR is going on there. Wish Nikon had something like it in its stable, but with Adobe LR, all camera RAW output goes through the same flow for me.

    Canon’s marketting is aiming this camera at DSLR users like me who want to either have a small backup — a truly small and portable backup — or want the freedom to occasionally leave their heavier DLSR kit home or in the hotel room. That’s connecting with me.

    Anyone else thinking the G1X would find a small slot in your camera bag or jacket pocket?