• Nikon D600 and 28 f1.8G for people photography

    Based on past experience with distortion, I’m careful when I use wide angle lenses for portrait and wedding photography. The 28 f1.8G gives me very little distortion and with some AF fine-tuning, is working rather well on my Nikon D600. Add its ability to render pleasing out of focus backgrounds when using large apertures, and I’m really looking forward to using it for my event and wedding coverage.

    Wide angle lenses are great story-telling lenses. Regardless of low distortion capabilities, you always need to avoid the fun house effect, and since compositions will tend to include so much of the scene, you also have to work hard at including just what needs to be in the frame. Nonetheless, wide angle perspectives have been a favorite of photojournalists to convey a moment with a sweeping perspective.

    Here are some sample photos of a family gathering where that wide angle perspective helps tell the story.

    Nikon D600 and 28 f1.8G for people photography

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